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Reunion 2000


      The Stockman family reunion will be held on the weekend of July 15 and 16 in Silver City, NM. As we have done since 1986, we will meet at the Holiday Motor Hotel on Highway 180 in Silver City. Silver City is beautiful this time of year. Cool mornings with clear skies give way to thunder showers in the evening with beautiful displays of lightening and cooling rain falling.

      Reservations at the Holiday Motor Hotel are recommended as this is a popular time of the year for folks to desert the desert at Tucson and El Paso to visit Silver City. Manager Julie Crowell offers the following rates:

      Room with one bed $44.95 for one or two persons - Room with two beds $49.95 for two persons - Additional persons per room $4.00 each.

                                                Holiday Motor Hotel

                                                3420 Highway 180 East

                                                Silver City, NM 99061


      The KOA Kampground has excellent facilities for those in motor homes or travel trailers. A Reservation several weeks in advance is a MUST! Call Jim or Jackie Blurton at:

                                                Silver City KOA

                                                (505) 388-3351

                                                (800) 562-7623

                                    Or on the Internet at

      Friday Evening: Judy has invited those who arrive on Friday over to the house for an informal supper. Plan to show up at the house anytime in the early afternoon. Bring your apatite and a good voice! #16 McKinley Street, Silver City. If you need directions after you get into town call: (505) 388-4054

      Saturday: Gather at the Holiday Motor Hotel for our customary socializing , Auction, and good times. The auction is our way of paying for the Friday and Sunday parts of the reunion. Bring a craft, or canned fruits, jellies etc, or something that represents your hometown or business. The Saturday evening banquet will be at the Holiday as in the past.

      Sunday: Picnic at the Little Walnut Picnic Grounds Rain or Shine! (Mondell, as I promised, no snow!)


The Texicans

by Jinx Schwartz


      The Story of Frederick Stockman and Katherine Disponet and their involvement with Texas. Fictionalized to be sure, but based upon the actual events in history and in the personal lives of Frederick, Katherine and their children.

      Jinxes’ story puts flesh on the bones of the family story. In my minds eye when I think of Henry Stockman I see him as past his prime. In The Texicans we see Henry as a youth learn from his experiences and grow to manhood. Well worth the reading for all family members.

      Jinx describes the story:


  NOT another story about Davy Crockett, Daniel Boone, Sam Houston and the boys. Decades before Crockett, Boone, or Houston even set foot in Texas, Frederick Stockman was already there. And he intended to stay.

  Inspired by the author's own Texas roots, this is the story of a frontier family's courageous determination to make Texas their home. It took thirty years, two revolutions, sheer grit, and a lot of Stockman blood to do so.

Spanish Texas in 1806 was a forbidding and forbidden land. Only the very bold dared to cross her borders. Frederick and Katherine Stockman, no strangers to the adversities of life on the ragged edge of civilization, landed their family in a forlorn Texas swamp at the mouth of the Trinity River to start a new life. Accustomed to hostile humans, menacing wildlife and debilitating maladies, they soon found a new threat as Texicans-bigotry.

Texicans were a rough and tumble breed of frontier rebels Hispanic, Anglo, Black and Indian with ties to Mexico. They fought for Mexico's freedom from Spain, then, rewarded as Heroes of Mexico, soon found themselves vilified by the hoards of North Americans pouring across Texas' unprotected border.

  The Texicans is the story of proud and fierce people in an era of tumult.


      You can e-mail Jinx at: or Check out her web pages at:


      The Texicans may be ordered for $21.99 per copy autographed. Add $4.50 shipping and handling. Mail your order to:

                                                Maddog Press

                                     P.O. Box 3891

                                      Sierra Vista, Az. 85635

      Jinx who is working on a sequel plans to be at the Reunion this year and we may be able to convince here to give us an insight into it.



New subscribers, etc


      Elaine Halley, 1008 8th Street, Big Lake, TX 76932. Great grand daughter of Chester Whitaker and Jenny Stockman (Hiram Stockman, Henry Stockman, Frederick Stockman and Katherine Disponet of the Texas branch of the family). Phone (915) 884-2843.


      Patrick E Flanigan II, 13394 SW 161st Place, Tigard, OR 97223-2676. (Adeline Willa Barrett, Laura Ann Taylor, Ella Susan Stockman, [Christopher Columbus Frederick Stockman, Peter Stockman] and Laura N. Stockman, Hardy Francis Stockman, Henry Stockman, Frederick Stockman and Katherine Disponet of the Texas branch of the family.)


      Carol Ellis, 9321 Wish Ave, Northridge, CA 91325. (Descended from John Steckman, Henry Steckman, John Steckman of Bedford County, PA) e-mail:



Tragic Story of two of the sons of Julia Ann Norris Brown


      Julia Ann Norris, daughter of Mary Sarah Stockman (Frederick Stockman and Katherine Disponet of the Texas branch of the family) married James Walker Brown. Their children were:


1. Elias R Brown, born ca 1845 in Nacogdoches, TX

2. Daniel Brown, born 18 July 1847, died 29 Nov 1847 both in Nacogdoches, TX..

3. John Riley Brown, born 1 Nov 1848, in Nacogdoches, TX, died 9 Nov 1897 in Hope, Eddy Co, New Mexico.

4. James C Brown, born 30 Apr 1851 in Nacogdoches, TX, died 14 Jun 1889 in Brown Co. TX. He married Martha (Mattie C) Brown 20 Sep 1877.

5. William Albert Brown, born 6 May 1854, in Nacogdoches, TX, died 27 Jul 1938 in McCulloch Co, TX. He married Emma Bond.

6. Zachary Thomas Brown, born March 1856, in Nacogdoches, TX, died 23 Oct 1916 in Midland, TX

7. D C Brown, born 1860 in Nacogdoches, TX, died, before 1870.

8. Joseph Sam Brown, born 25 Jan 1866 in Nacogdoches, TX, died 9 Dec 1935. He married Sarah Elizabeth Snodgrass 9 Dec 1935.


      The Brown family lived near Brownwood, TX in the 1880's. Most of the boys were engaged in cattle ranching. On 14 Jun 1889 brothers, James C Brown and Joseph Sam Brown were searching for some cattle. The brother who found the cattle was to shoot into the air to notify the other that they had been found. Sam found the cattle and fired the shot. James C Brown was on a hill above Sam and the bullet hit him killing him.

      James C Brown who was a Mason was buried in the Brownwood Cemetery. Sam was incarcerated at the State Penitentiary at Waco, TX for another incident, an apparent robbery. Conditions in the pen were not good and Sam wrote a letter to his brother, William Albert Brown, which has survived.


                                Waco Texas May 29 1890


Brother a few lines to you this morning. Bill I wrote to you last week and to Mattie yesterday. The reason I write is I don’t know whether my letters was mailed or not. Joe Bell is ;here after his brother and promised to mail a letter for me. Bill you can talk about your hells and all other kind of things but I guess if there ever was one this is it. No bedding and very little to eat. We get spoiled beef some times and never get none that is fit to eat. Bill if you can’t get bond for me sell something I have got and send me forty or fifty dollars for I don’t think I can stand to be civil and be starved. I would tell you more if I knew that you would get this all right. Bill the fellow that brought me a letter one evening I think is playing me false but don’t know for certain, I don’t think it will bee necessary to pay his way down here for anything if any one has to come I would rather you would come your self. George Bell is ;in here now if you see him he can tell you something about our fare. I haven’t saw a bisquit since I left Brownwood. Bill I want to know just what the chances is on getting out. If there is a chance for me to have to stay in such place as this till fall I will try some other scheme.


      Sam Brown was released from Prison. He married Sarah Elizabeth Snodgrass in 1894 and died 9 Dec 1935. Mattie C Brown, was the daughter of Albert Burleson Brown and Susan Elizabeth Upton. She was born February 14, 1860, and died in 1925. When she was 10 years old her father was killed by the Indians . She married James C. Brown September 20, 1877, Following the death of her husband James C Brown she moved to Coke Co, TX a widow with four children, Dona, Susie, James Riley, and Kellie . Mattie was 29 years old when J.C. was killed . Her mother, Susan was a widow at this time and they helped each other . Also she was helped by her brother Monroe Jackson Brown Mattie died at the age of 65 years of age and was buried in the Robert Lee Cemetery, Robert Lee, TX. The children of Martha Brown and James Brown who grew to be adults were:

      1. James Riley Brown, Born 1 January 1880 and died in 1941 in Robert Lee, TX He married Nellie Tucker, December 23, 1903.

      2. Kellie Brown, born 31 May 1885 and died 12 September 1966 in Edith, Coke

Co. TX. She is buried in the Paint Creek Cemetery. Kellie married Hubert Fields.


Bobbie Box who is Julia Norris's Great Great grand daughter shared the information on this branch of the family.



Family of Albert Berry Brown and Mary Jane Norris


      Albert Berry Brown, son of Albert Burleson Brown and Susan Elizabeth Upton and grandson of , Andrew Brown was born January 19, 1856 in Parker County , TX. He was a brother of Mattie C Brown. He died 5 December 1891 in Santa Anna , Texas. He married Mary Jane Norris, daughter of James Claiborne Norris and Margaret Amason. Their union produced 6 children . Before the year of 1891 Albert Berry & Mary Jane lost one child . Albert Berry was a fine rancher. Some of his duties included breaking horses . At this time in the year of 1891 he sustained injuries while breaking a horse. The injuries bared complications and he developed pneumonia. He died at the age of 35. Leaving his widow with 5 small children.

      Mary Jane was a woman who had many heartbreaks, losses and faced many obstacles. Her father, James Claiborne Norris was in the civil war when her mother died. He returned home after the Civil War and lovingly cared for his children. Mary Jane married Albert Berry Brown before 1880. Together they had 6 children. Tragedy hit Mary Jane again in 1900. Two of her children were drowned in the Coleman, TX flood. Their names were Annie & Ivie. Mary Jane's grandchildren remembered their grandmother always wearing black. Every year she would make her an elaborate burial dress, hang it up & keep it on display. As the year passed on she would then put her burial dress on and wear it. A new burial dress was then made and put on display for the coming year in case of her death and burial. Mary Jane remarried to J. W. Sanford . At the age of 53 she died.Children of Albert Brown and Mary Norris are:

      1. Albert Burleson Brown Jr., born April 10, 1880.

      2. John Stonewall Brown, born November 05, 1882, Brady, Texas; died May 22,

1961, Duarte, California, Los Angeles Co.

      3. Mabell Brown, born March 28, 1885.

      4. Ivy Brown, born August 17, 1889.

      5. Annie Brown, born October 23, 1891.

      6. ( Infant ) Brown, born Bef. 1891.


      The information in this article was provided to the Newsletter, for the edification of all family members by Evelyn Owens. Evelyn, also forwarded to us the information in the previous articel.-//-


Granville Norris 1908 - 2000


      Granville H Norris passed away Wednesday, February 2, 2000 at Good Samaritan Village in Socorro, NM. He was born 18 Oct 1908 in Howard County, TX the son of Ellie Eaker and James Norris ( John Samuel Norris, Mary Sarah Norris, Frederick Stockman and Katherine Disponet of the Texas branch of the family).

      Granville moved to Pie Town, NM in 1935 with his parents when they homesteaded the place where he lived the rest of his life. He was a retired heavy equipment operator with the Catron County, NM Road Department.

      Granville was preceded in death by two brothers, Rex and James Norris. He is survived by his sister, Betty Perry and her husband Glenn of Socorro, NM and a sister in law, Kitty Norris of Albuquerque, NM, also several nieces and nephews.

      Visitation was held Friday, 4 Feb 2000 at the Steadman-Hall Funeral home. Services were at 10:00 AM, Saturday, 5 Feb 2000 at the Pietown Baptist Church with the Reverend Sam Norris officiation. Burial was in the Pie Town Cemetery. Pallbearers were Larry Perry, Gary Perry, Collins Norris, Thomas Norris, Wilton James, and Jimmy Dean Norris.

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