-The Brunson Family-
being the descendants of
Josiah Brunson and Rebecca Cox
of Clarke County, Alabama

Josiah Brunson came to what would become Clarke County, Alabama
in the winter of 1810-11.

                                                                               Executive Department
                                                             Wednesday 12th December 1810
On application
       That a passport be prepared for messrs. Josiah Brinson and Peter Martin, both from the State of South Carolina to travel through the Creek Nation of Indians
                                                                           Which was presented and signed
     Dorothy Williams Potter, Passports of Southeastern Pioneers 1770-1823  page 247 Gen. Pub Co. Baltimore  1982
       being passports issued by the Governor of Georgia for travel through the Indian Lands

Josiah Brunson Married Rebecca Cox sometime after his arrival
in Clarke County, probably in early 1812 for their first child was born
in May 1813. From later records we know that she was about 18 years old
and Josiah was between 32 and 42 years old

The internet abounds with erroneous information about Josiah Brunson. Go to: Errors to see some of these refuted.

The first record of Josiah Brunson in Clarke County is the
  Listing of just his name in the Tax List of

Josias Brunson

Josiah Brunson served in the 15th Regiment (Colonel Johnson’s) Mississippi Militia in the “late war with Great Britain”.  He was a private in Captain L Mott’s Company.  He entered service 20 Jan 1815 and was discharged on 27 March 1815.  His term of enlistment was 6 months, but the war ended before that time.  He was stationed at Fort Claibourn which was 40 miles from his place of residence.
    On 31 May 1817 he had not yet been paid for his service and he completed an affidavit to which was attached a copy of his discharge from service.  He subsequently received payment of $14.80 for his service and signed the receipt for it.

In the Census of 1816 Josiah Brunson is recorded in Clarke County, Mississippi Territory.
Clarke County was formed from Washington County, Mississippi Territory in 1812
and became part of the Alabama Territory when it was formed from
Mississippi Territory in 1817

The 1816 Census of Clarke County, Mississippi Territory
Josiah Brunson


The columns indicate the number of persons in the household in the following pattern
Column 1 Name of Head of Household
Column 2 number of white males over 21 in the Household
This is Josiah
Column 3 number of white males under 21 in the Household
George Nelson Brunson, John Brunson and unknown male
Column 4 number of white females over 21 in the Household
This is Rebecca
Column 5  number of white females under 21 in the Household
These two females are unknown
There were no slaves or free persons of color in the household

On 12 Nov 1824 Josiah and Rebecca signed a deed selling land in Clarke County.

    State of Alabama       \    Know all men by these
     Clarke County      /    presence that I Josiah Brunson formerly of the county aforesaid in consideration of the sum of five hundred dollars to me paid by Haywood Todd the receipt where of I do hereby acknowledge have granted, bargained sold and released, and by these presence do grant, bargain, sell, and release; unto the said Haywood Todd all that parcel or half section of land (viz.) the north east quarter of section seven and the south east quarter of section six, both in township nine range one east of the basses meridian containing three hundred and twenty acres more or less as appear by reference to the ???? together with all and singular the rights, members ??inedilaments, and appurtenances, to have and to hold in singular the premises aforesaid to the said Haywood Todd, his heirs and assignees and I do hereby bind myself my heirs and assignees to warrant and forever defend the said quarter sections or half sections of land unto the said Haywood Todd his heirs and assignees  forever.  Witness where of I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 12th day of November 1824.
                                Josiah Brunson
                                Rebecca X Brunson

This document attests to the fact that Josiah and Rebecca moved their family prior to 1824 to
Pike County, Alabama. They lived there for approximately five years and returned to Clarke County  before 1830.  Son, William Brunson remembers that it was during the move back to Clarke County from Pike that the family Bible became wet and unreadable.

At this point in the story of Josiah Brunson several other Brunsons enter the picture.  Prior to the
move to Pike County, another Josiah Brunson arrived in Clarke County.  He was younger than our Josiah and he married Mary Allen.  After staying in Clarke County for a few years this Josiah moved his family to Pike County where he lived until he died prior to 1850.  This Josiah had a sister Martha who married Barnett Franklin and they moved to Pike with this Josiah.

It seems likely that our Josiah moved along with this other Josiah to Pike, but did not stay and returned to Clarke County prior to 1830.

In the 1830 Census the following persons are in the Household:
Two Males  5-10 yrs old          James Brunson and unknown male
Two Males 10-15 yrs old         William and John Brunson
One Male 15-20 yrs old           George Nelson Brunson
One Male 50-60 yrs old            Josiah Brunson
Two Females under 5 yrs old    Elizabeth Brunson
One Female 5-10 yrs old          Amelia Brunson
One Female  30-40 yrs old       Rebecca Brunson

On 2 January 1833, Josiah Brunson sold a slave named Celia to Jane Bowen for the sum of $120.00.  The transaction was witnessed by William Chapman and John York.  This slave was probably the slave that Rebecca received from the estate of her father John Cox.

On 20 Oct 1835 Josiah Brunson purchased land from the United States consisting of a parcel The SE Quarter of the NE Quarter of Section 19   Township 9 Range one east in the lands salable at St. Stephen's Alabama. 80 and 5/8 hundredths of an acre.

Rebecca Cox Brunson died in 1836 according to a statement of her son. Rebecca was the daughter of John Cox and Nancy LNG.  She was probably born in Georgia 3 Sep 1794.  The cause of her death is not known, but at that time the area north and around Mobile bay was subject of Malaria and other diseases.    Her son James indicated in the 1880 and 1900 censuses that he did not know where she was born, but from other evidence it is probable she was born in GA as an older and younger sibling were both born there.

In 1840 the following persons were enumerated in the household of Josiah Brunson

1 Male 15-20 yrs old     James Brunson
1 Male 20-30 yrs old      John Brunson  or George Nelson Brunson
1 Male 60-70 yrs old    Josiah Brunson
1 Female 5-10 yrs old   Martha Jane Brunson
1 Female 10-15 yrs old   Rebecca Ann Brunson

On 19 April 1841 Josiah sold land to Maclolm McCorqundale.  The deed says Joseph Brunson in the heading and at the beginning of the document but is signed by Josiah Brunson and Joel Bell, Justice peace testified that Josiah signed the deed. 

Josiah Brunson died sometime after making the deed on 19 April 1841 and before 31 May 1841 for on that date bond was made for Malcom McCorqundale to administer the estate of Josiah Brunson of Clarke County, Alabama,  who died intestate.  George Cox, Mathew Cox and John York made bond for John Cox to be appointed guardian of Martha and Rebecca Brunson, minor heirs of Josiah Brunson Deceased.  The administrator requested the final distribution of the estate on 7 Oct 1844. 

Children of Josiah Brunson and Rebecca Cox

1.  George Nelson Brunson
2.  John Brunson
3.  William Brunson
4.  Amelia Brunson
5.  James Brunson
6.  Elizabeth Brunson
7.  Ellen Brunson died young
8.  Mary Brunson died young
9.  Martha Jane Brunson
10. Rebecca Ann Brunson

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