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Cox Land in Pendleton District, South Carolina


Christopher Cox 78 acres 96 district ?? Aug 1787 [67]

Christopher Cox 60 acres Edgefield Co 2 Sep 1793 [67]

George Cox 212 acres 96 district 4 Jun 1787 [85]

Isaac Cox 190 acres 96 district 5 Jul 1787 none

John Cox 560 acres 96 district 4 Jun 1787 many

John Cox 70 acres Rocky Creek, 96 district 6 Dec 1790

John Cox, Sr. 283 acres 26 mile Creek Pendleton Dist 1 Oct 1792

Reuben Cox 200 acres Saluda River, 96 district 1 Aug 1785 [82]

See first and second listings in the Saluda River land

Thomas Cox 58 acres 96 district 3 Dec 1787

Page 94-96: Thomas Cox and Mary his wife of the state of GA to Loddy Dobbs of Pendleton District for £ 30 sterling, 58 acres grated to Cox by State Grant 3 Dec 1787, on the Tugaloo River bounded by Capt Blackburn, Samuel Taylor. Witnesses: Harrison Barzillai, Benja. Cleveland. [83]

Signed: Thomas and Mary Cocks (sic)

Benj. Cleveland made oath 9 aug 1790

Recorded 12 Aug 1790.

Page 465: Loddy Dobbs and Sarah his wife to Larkin Cleveland 50 acres for $300. On Toogalo River, bordered on East by William Cleveland[83], on West by William Brooks, on south by river, granted Thomas Cox Date: 28 Dec 1798.

Signed Loddy (his mark) Dobbs , Sarah(her mark) Dobbs.

Witness: Benjamin Cleveland, N. Cleveland.

Neely Cleveland made oath to J B Earle, JP, 25 Jan 1799.

Recorded 25 Jan 1799.

USGS maps site shows this property near Starr, SC. In present Anderson County.

Generostee Creek Land



Page 515-516: William Lesley[82] of Abbeville Dist for $1,000 sold to John Cox of Pendleton district, two tracts of land of 340 acres on Big Generostee Creek bordered on west by John Cox, on North by John Hall, on East by Levi Cox. Date 9 Dec 1803

Witness: James Cox and Levi Cox.

Levi Cox made oath to Wm. Lesley, JP 9 Dec 1803

Recorded 4 Jun 1804

Page 410: 6 Aug 1793, Asaph Alexander[82] to Beverly Cox[82] for £ 100 Sterling for 200 acres granted 15 Oct 1787 by Benj. Gerard to James Alexander, Jr., Deceased, on the Savannah River, on both sides of the mouth of Big Generostee Creek. Asaph Alexander being the lawful heir of James Alexander.

Witness James Jones, John Cox

James Jones made oath to Samuel Porter[82] 26 Jan 1796

Recorded 26 Jun 1796

Page 129 - 130 Book C-D: 6 Aug 1793, Beverly Cox to John Cox, Jr for £55 sterling for 200 Acres on either side of the mouth of Generostee Creek, waters of Savannah River.

Signed Beverly Cox, Mary Cox

Witness James Cox

Page 217: Jacob Skelton[81] for $10 sold Ezekiel Green 130 acres where Skelton now lives on Hooker's fork of Generostee of Savannah River. Date: 12 Mar 1803

Witness: John Cox, Amos Barnett

Amos Barnett made oath to James Tate[81], Q. U. 28 Feb 1804

Recorded 20 Nov 1805

Page 156: 14 Jan 1805, James Brasher to Capt. James Turner for $119.89 for 210 acres granted 5 Jan 1789 by Thomas Pinckney to John Simpson on Big Generostee Creek, from Simpson conveyed to Aaron James, then back to Brasher.

Witness: Aaron James, John Cox (misread by WPA typist as "Ishom")

John Cox made oath to Samuel Black, J P 8 Apr 1805

Recorded May 1805.

Twenty Six Mile Creek Land



Page 425 - 426: Washington district. 7 May 1794. Thomas Grant to John Cox for £ 91 sterling, for 304 acres granted William Goggings[80] by Charles Pinckney, 1 Oct 1792, then to Thomas Grant, on 26 Mile Creek bordered by John Morris, Scoots.

Witness: Benj. Dickson, Charles (his mark) White,

Benj. Dickson made oath to William Millwee [73]7 Aug 1797

Recorded 17 Aug 1798

Page 454-455: 25 Nov 1789, Jehu Pope to John Cox for £ 20 sterling for 250 acres on 26 Mile Creek, part of tract granted Francis Cuttery by Benjamin Guerard on 15 Oct 1784, recorded book AAAA, 24 Oct 1786.

Witness: James Jones, William Stone.

James Jones made oath to Jonathan Gibbs[81], J P, 28 Oct 1806, saying, "the time being so long past, his memory has failed so that he cannot be positive, but knowing his own handwrite (sic) and remembering he was called on."

Savannah River Land



Page 397 - 398: Daniel Putnam[82] of Pendleton Co, lawful attorney of James Shields of Green Co, TN in consideration of $100 paid by John Cox, of Pendleton Co, for 142 acres on Savannah River, granted James Shields 10 Nov 1790, bordered by John Cox, William Lesley, James Shield, Robert Scelton[81], James Evens, John Watson. Date 3 Oct 1802

Witness: Edward Cox, John Franer.

Signed: Daniel Putman, Attorney for James Shield

Edward Cox made oath to James Tate[81], Q. U. 23 Jul 1803

Recorded 5 Nov 1803

Saluda River Land



Page 217 - 218: 24 Jan 1794, Caleb Conway to Reuben Cox[82] for £50 sterling for 100 acres on branches of Broad mouth Creek, waters of Saluda River, part of 640 acres granted Fracis Bremar[41] and James Martin, 9 Mar 1786. Recorded Bk. JJJJ, p 384.

Witness: Edward McClure, James Tate, Jr[81], John Tippens[81].

John Tippens made oath to E. Browne, J P 24 Jan 1794

Recorded 24 Jan 1794

(Although location of Little Creek is not given for Saluda River the following tract appears to be located there. Note Reuben Cox, and JP E. Browne appear in this and previous listing)

Page 14: I, Thomas Davis and Kexiah, his wife, for $420 sold to Nimrod Smith (also called Smyth) 200 acres, part of survey granted to Davis for 1000 acres on both sides of Little Creek, Adj to lands laid out for Francis Chinkscales, grated by Charles Pinckney; also 100 acres granted to Reuben Cox, 10 Aug 1785, by William Moultrie, convey by Cox to Davis, 13 Mar 1787, being the tract of 200 acres on which Davis now lives. Date 19 Aug 1797

Witness: Reubin Nash, William Waddle

Reubin Nash made oath to E Brown, JP 19 Aug 1799

Page 199 - 200: I George Cox[85] for $300 sold to James Merritt 90 acres on Brushy Creek of Saluda River, part of tract granted Watson Allison[75], 4 Dec 1786 . Bordered by Samuel Talbert[84 or 81], William Allison, Stephen ??? Dated 5 May 1801

Signed George (GC) Cox

Witness: John Booth, Obadiah Merrit

Obadiah Merrit made oath to John Wilson, J P 12 May 1801

No recording date

Page 17 - 18: John Cox to Hugh Montgomery for £100 for 183 acres in Wshington Disttrict, granted Cox by Charles Pinckney, 17 Feb 1790, Surveyed by Adam Crane Jones and granted 5 Apr 1790, on Saluda River. Recorded bk N no 5 Pager 215,

Signed John (X) Cox

Witness: James Vaughn[82], James Thompson

James Thompson made oathe to William Hall, J P 25 May 1795

Recorded 24 Jun 1795

Location not reported



Page 201: I, John Cox, Sr. for good will to my loving son, Beverly(?) Cox, the whole plantation where I now live to include 150 acres. Date: 30 Mar 1789

Signed John (/) Cox

Witness: James Hembree[81], George Brown

George Brown made oath to John B Earle, C P D 16 Apr 1801

Recorded 16 Apr 1801

Pages 411 - 413: Baveaster Barton for £10 Sterling sold to John Cox 40 acres bordered by Thomas Turner, John Simpson, and the said Barton, granted William Lesley. Dated: 21 mar 1803.

Witness: Edward Cox, John Hall

Edward Cox made oath to James Tate, Q U 23 Jul 1803