Johann Engel Stockmann

Johann Engelberth Stockman the immigrant arrived in Philadelphia with his family on the Ship Fane.  He gave oath of allegiance shortly after the arrival: The clerk wrote "J. Engel Stokman" and Engel signed with his mark.

FATHER:        Johannes Peter Stockman
MOTHER:      Anna Catherina Löhr

Johann Engelberth Stockmann was as christened in the  Evangelisch-Reformierte Church of  Burbach, Nassau Siegen, a duchy of the House of Orange  2 December 1725.  Burbach is located about 20 miles south of the City of Siegen, some 60 miles east of Bonn, Westphalia, Germany.

Johann Engel married  Anna Maria Schmid  in Burbach 4 Aug. 1747.   Anna Maria was the daughter of Conrad and Anna Elisabeth Schmidt of Würgendorf. She was born 31 May 1722. Their first child, Anna Elisabeth Stockmann was born 24 October 1748 and she was baptized on 27 October in the Burbach Reformed church. Their second child, Frederick, claimed to have been born in Germany, but no baptismal record for him has ever been found

Following their arrival in Philadelphia the family moved to Frederick County, Maryland and shortly after 1755 Engel moved south, to the Dutch Fork area of the old 96 District of the colony of South Carolina, which became Newberry County.  Here during the Revolutionary War, Engel and his sons served the Continental Cause for various periods of time. The children of Engel known in South Carolina were:

  Christopher Stockman
  Peter Stockman
  Henry Stockman
  George Stockman
John Stockman

And   Frederick Stockman who took his family to Texas in 1806.  Some speculate that Charistopher and Frederick Stockman are the same fellow and there is evidence to support this conclusion, but no proof.

It is not known what happened to Anna Maria, Engel's wife, church records in Frederick County, Maryland list her prior to the move south, but in 1786 when Engel sold his property in Newberry District, he was married to Katherine Stockman.  At the time of the sale of his property, son Christopher Stockman was moving to Kentucky, and probably Engel moved with him and disappears from all records.  Christopher says that he was captured by the Shawnee Indians and held prisoner for three years.  It is possible that this was the fate of Engel Also.


One of Engel's sons, possibly George married Barbara LNU.  George had died by 1790 but Barbara Stockman was enumerated in the 1790 census of Newberry District, South Carolina. A portion of this family may be found at Shari Simonds page which lists the  Descendants of John Peter Stockman a son of Barbara Stockman.

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