Justus Christian Stockmann

            Justus Christian Stockmann arrived in Philadelphia on the Ship Columbia, William Maley Captain, 31 May 1794. This German immigrant to the new United States stayed in Philadelphia for a short time for there, on 7 Oct 1794 he and Carolina Friederica Reiche were married in St. Michael's and Zion Church in German Town. The old community of German town was at that time an independent neighborhood which in later years was incorporated into the City of Philadelphia.    Justus Christian Stockman and his new wife did not long remain in the Philadelphia area. Their first child, Juliana Johanna Stockman, was christened 1 Jan 1796 , in the First Lutheran Church in Albany, Albany County, New York.

            Justus Christian Stockmann and his growing family remained in the Albany, New York area for several years. Another daughter, Louise Charlotte Stockman was Christened 10 Dec 1797, and a third daughter, Eva Mariana Stockmann was Christened 13 Feb 1803. These two girls were Christened in the same church as their older sister.

            A Son, Charles William Stockman was Christened 2 Sep 1808 in the Gilead Evangelical Lutheran Church, at Center Brunswick, a community out side Utica, New York.

            It is probable that the John C Stockman recorded in the 1800 census of Albany, New York, is Justus Christian. He had 1 son under 5 yrs and his age was 20-30 yrs. He had 2 daughters under 5 yrs and wife was age 20-30.

            In the 1820 census Justus Christian is recorded as Christian, living in the Utica township in Oneida County, New York.

            There is no listing in the 1830 census for any Stockman in Oneida County, NY, however in 1840 a Calvin Stockman is enumerated in the Utica 4th Ward. Nothing more is known about this Stockman family at this time.

            For many years Stockman family researchers have wondered what the relationship might be between the early Stockman immigrants who came to Philadelphia in 1749 and Justus Christian Stockman. Both families were of German origin and nothing can be said for certain about possible ties between pervious generations in Germany, however, it appears that after their arrival in the New World, Justus Christian and his family did not join with the descendants of the 1749 Stockman immigrants who were living in Maryland and the southern states.

            Justus Christian Stockmann settled in the area now well known for the Oneida Community, a fundamentalist religious clan, famous for the silver smithing crafts which they practiced. There is no possibility of a connections betweenand this commune for it was not established until 1847. There was a thriving German Community there which may have drawn Justus Christian to the Albany, New York, Oneida area. -lts-