Johannes Peter  Stockmann

Johannes Peter Stockman the immigrant arrived in Philadelphia with his wife and small son on 18 Oct. 1766 on the Ship Polly, Robert Porter, Master,  from Amsterdam, last of Cowes, with 181 passengers. Upon arrival Johannes Peter signed the following oath of allegiance:
  Johannes Peter Signed his name  Johannes Peter Stockmann.

FATHER:        Johannes Peter Stockmann
MOTHER:      Anna Catherina Löhr

Johannes Peter Stockmann was as christened in the  Evangelisch-Reformierte Church of  Burbach, Nassau Siegen, a duchy of the House of Orange  24 October 1723.  Burbach is located about 20 miles south of the City of Siegen, some 60 miles east of Bonn, Westphalia, Germany.


Johannes Peter Stockmann married Anna Maria Dellers, surviving widow of Johann Adam Dellers from Gilsbach on 17 Apr 1746.  This couple had no children baptized in the Burbach churches.  Anna Maria died 22 Aug. 1764 and was buried on the 24th at 11 O'clock.  She was 60 yrs of age.  Peter was 41 yrs old.

Johannes Peter married for a second time to Anna Christina Christen, daughter of Johann Gottfried Christen from Wahlbach on 16 April 1765.  A son, Johannes Martinus Stockmann was born to this couple "31 Jan 91766) in the evening between 9 and 10 o'clock and baptized 7 Feb... The child was named Johannes Martinus."

Upon their arrival in the New World the family rejoined Johannes Peter's brothers who were in Frederick Co, MD. Johannes Peter Stockman was a member of one of the two companies of riflemen raised at the request of the Continental Congress following the battles of Concord and Lexington.  These companies formed in Frederick County, marched the 550 miles to bolster the continental forces at Boston and arrived just a few weeks after the battle of Bunker Hill.  They were the first forces from outside New England to come to the aid of the forces at Cambridge, MA.

A complete list of the children of Johannes Peter Stockman is not known.  Following is a list of children believed to be correct, but possibly incomplete.

  Johannes Martinus (Martin) Stockman
  Johann Peter (Peter) Stockman
  John George (George) Stockman
  Mary Stuckman
  John Stockman

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