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Peter Stockman of South Carolina
Peter Stockman of South Carolina is most likely the son of Johann Engel Stockman who moved south. It seems probable that all of the Stockman men found in the Dutch Fork area of the Ninety Six District prior to and during the Revolutionary War were Engel and his sons. Peter's full name is no doubt Johann Peter Stockman, as was the custom among the brothers of Engel.

Peter Stockman is first found in the Dutch Fork area of Newberry County in the land transactions. On 16 Sep 1780 Peter Stockman, tanner of the Ninety six district, obtained 150 acres of land from Hans Adam Zigler. Peter Stockman was paid for 25 days service in the Revolutionary War in the company of Captain Michael, Phil Waters regiment from 28 Apr to 25 Dec 1781. On 5 Apr 1782 Peter Stockman tanner obtained 200 acres of land from Frederick Shaffer. These are the earliest known records of Peter Stockman in South Carolina. His father, Engel was recorded some years earlier, in 1777, an "English" Stockman was a member of the Petit Jury of Ninety-six District Broad and Saluda Rivers.

In June 1786 the court acted on a petition of Col. Philemon Waters for a road to be laid out the nearest & best way to his ferry on Saluda River from Shier's ferry on Broad River. The court ordered that a group of 18 persons should meet at their own appointment and lay out the above road the most "directest" way without prejudice to individuals and make report to the next court. Peter Stockman was one of those appointed to serve.

Peter Stockman of South Carolina was a member of the Petit Jury for the June 1788 Court. He served as a juror in the case of John Pitts accused of Petit Larceny. The defendant was represented by Peter Cerns Gent'l attorney and pleaded not guilty. "Where upon came also a jury to wit John Fletchall foreman, William Gragg, William Plunkett, Peter Stockman, Henry Irby, George Riser, Mich'l Cromer, James Plunkitt, William Andrew, John Floyd, Martin Taylor and Martin Kinard." The State represented by Jacob Brown, gent'l attorney for the county, complained that the defendant was guilty of a felony by stealing an ax, the property of Gerrard Campbell. "The jury do say by their verdict that we do find him guilty of the verdict order to be recorded".

The family of Peter Stockman of South Carolina is first recorded in the 1790 census of Newberry County, SC. This census shows:

4 Males over 16
2 Males under 16
3 Females
8 Slaves

Who were these individuals who were members of Peter's family? The early census records do not tell us much. The three females are probably the easiest to identify. Peter was married and records indicate that he had three daughters. One daughter, Anna Maria, known also as Mary, married Peter Dickert II, son of Michael Dickert according to South Carolina Law Report, Spring term 1858 page 396-401. Another daughter is identified in this same document, Elizabeth who married Solomon Suber, son of Euriah Suber. This document also identifies a son, George Stockman. The third daughter, Catherine, is identified in a gift deed from Book L page 196, Newberry County, SC, records.

Peter Stockman had taken on the responsibility of caring for the children of Jacob Folk following Jacob's death. Jacob died 20 Jun 1774. On 17 Dec 1784 Peter Stockman was made guardian of Jacob Folk's minor children, John, Elizabeth, and Jacob. John Folk was born 7 Mar 1770 and did not marry until 23 Oct 1798. Elizabeth Folk's date of birth is not known but she married Jacob Cromer and their first child was born in 1790. Jacob Folk Jr was born 24 Dec 1772 and married in 1797. There were two other children of Jacob Folk Sr, Henry Middleton Folk who was killed in the Revolutionary War and a daughter, name unknown who married Levi Kibler. Apparently this daughter was already married at the time Peter Stockman became guardian for the younger children.

It is likely that John and Jacob Jr Folk were living with Peter Stockman in 1790. If so, John was 20 yrs old and Jacob Jr was 18 yrs old.

Deeds in Newberry County identify a Peter Stockman Jr but it should be recognized that in the 1700's it was not uncommon to call a nephew Jr to identify him as different individual from a senior uncle with the same name.

Elizabeth Stockman, daughter of Peter Stockman married Solomon Suber probably ca 1816. Their children that survived to be adults were:

Anna B Suber born ca 1819 married Walter F Ruff
Lavinia C Suber born ca 1821 married George O Ruff
John U Suber
Christian Henry Suber born 4 Sep 1828 never married

After the death of Solomon Suber Elizabeth married for a second time to Thomas Ellisor. They had one child a son, Preston Ellisor. In the 1850 census there is an Elizabeth Ellisor living in Lexington County, SC, age 58 yrs. Possibly this is the daughter of Peter Stockman. It is also possible that Elizabeth is deceased for there is a Thomas Ellisor age 41 yrs living with Anna B and Walter F Ruff in Newberry County.

George Stockman, son of Peter Stockman has been identified by Yancey Dickert in his book, A History and Genealogy of Peter Dickert of South Carolina as the George Stockman who married Hannah Dickert and then moved to Alabama. Inspection of the deeds in the Newberry County records casts some doubt on this information.
Note:  Since this article was written and published additional information has come to light which makes the information in A History and Genealogy of Petr Dickert of South Carolina appear to be true.  The latest evidence indicates that George Stockman, Son of Peter Stockman married Hannah Dickert and they had at least two sons, William Stockman and Henry C Stockman.  Hannah died and George Stockman married again, this time to Rebecca Pow (sometimes reported as Hair, but her true maiden name was Pow) by whom George had all the other children attributed to him.  Rebecca Pow is too young to have been the mother of the two older boys, William Stockman and Henry C Stockman.

Newberry County South Carolina Abstracts of Deed Book P2 1821-1822 and Plats by Glenda Bundrick and David Sease has the following relevant deed extracts:

A: Book P2 Page 124. Made 19 Feb 1821 and recorded 1 Aug 1821
Peter Stockman Sr deed of gift " my son George Stockman for $1 paid to me. I give to said George Stockman after my death two Negro men Bob, age 45 and Simon, age 45. Witness Samuel D Cannon and David Cannon, Sr.

B: Book P2 Page 124 Made 19 Feb 1821 and recorded 4 Aug 1821
For $100 paid by George Stockman 30 acres part of 80 (or 86?) acres original grant Aberher A Swedenburg 5 Jun 1786 adjacent to land owned by Elizabeth Suber, John Folk, and said George Stockman, on Crims Creek per resurvey plat. Witness David Cannon Sr. and Samuel D Cannon.

C: Book P2 Page 125 Made 20 Oct 1804 and recorded 4 Aug 1821 (same date as B) Peter Stockman (his German Signature) for $10 paid by George Stockman for 200 acres original grant Frederick Sheffer 20 Jan 1773 on Crams Creek Adjacent to land owned on the southeast by Christopher Reunsrestin? and Woloreth? Pochman?, northeast by Jacob Folk and Henry Habolt?, northwest by Adam Griminger? Witness Peter Dickert and John Hampton. Dower signed on 1 Nov 1804, Barbara, wife of Peter Stockman.

D: Book P2 Page 400 Made 28 Oct 1822 recorded 4 Nov 1822

George Stockman for $2000 paid by John Folk for 255 acres part of 3 tracts: 1) part of 200 acres grant Frederick Sheffer 2) part of 86 acres original grant Peter Stockman, Dec. Adjacent land owners at this time, John Caldwell, Martin Riser, Widow Clap, Adam Folk, John Folk, and Solomon Suber on Crims Creek of Broad River. Witnesses John A Folk and Solomon Suber. Dower signed by Rebecca, wife of George Stockman 28 Oct 1822.

Deed A identifies George Stockman as the son of Peter Stockman. Deed B, made on the same date and witnessed by the same persons was filed on 4 Aug 1821 the same date as deed C which was made on 20 Oct 1804 in which George Stockman purchased land from Peter Stockman once owned by Frederick Sheffer. In Deed D George Stockman sold this land and his wife who signed the dower was Rebecca. A John George Stockman and wife Rebecca moved to Perry County Alabama where they were enumerated in the 1850 census. John George was 67 yrs old or born ca 1782. His wife, Rebecca was 56 yrs old.

Summarizing this information the children of Peter Stockman that are known to us from documents are:

Anna Maria born 7 Apr 1776 married Peter Dickert II
George Stockman born ca 1782
Catherine Stockman
Elizabeth Stockman born ca 1792 married Solomon Suber and then Thomas Ellisor. If Elizabeth's date of birth is correct she had not yet been born when the 1790 census was taken.
Peter Stockman, Jr possibly a son of Peter Stockman

Others who might have been in the household in 1790 were:

John Folk born 7 Mar 1770
Jacob Folk Jr born 24 Dec 1772

Peter Stockman sold land on 25 Dec 1795 to John Uriah Wicker and his wife Catherine signed the Dower. On 26 Dec 1795 apparently this same transaction was recorded again but again Peter and his wife Catherine signed the deed. Peter Stockman's wife was Barbara when land was sold in the 1804 deed reported above. In 1799 when John Zeigler died, Peter Stockman and Barbara Stockman were appointed administrators of his estate. It appears that Peter Stockman had more than one wife and possibly three. Prior to 1784 when Peter assumed guardianship of the Folk children at least two of his children were born. These two, Anna Maria and George may be children by a first wife. It is probable that in 1784 Peter married Catharina Folk, widow of Jacob and daughter of John Adam Epting, although this marriage may have taken place earlier. It is unlikely that it occurred early enough for daughter Anna Maria Stockman to have been a daughter of Catherine Epting Folk since her first husband died in 1774. The first of Peter's wives whose name we know is Catherine who was Peter's wife in 1795. Apparently sometime after 1795 and prior to 1799 Catherine died and Peter married a Barbara LNU.

Returning to the 1790 census the following possible break down can be made:
4 Males over 16 (Peter Stockman Sr, John Folk, Jacob Folk, Peter Stockman Jr)
2 Males under 16 (George Stockman, ?)
3 Females (Wife Catherine, Anna Maria, and Daughter Catherine)
8 Slaves (Bob and Simon?)

By the time of the 1810 census (the 1800 census does not seem to have a record for Peter Stockman in it.) Peter's household had shrunk. Apparently he was a widower, his last wife, Barbara was deceased. This census reads:

1 Male 16-26 (?)
1 Male 45 or< (Peter Himself)
1 Female 10-16(?)
1 Female 16-26(?)

In the 1820 census enumeration of the household of Peter Stockman it may be possible that Solomon Suber and Peter's daughter Elizabeth, along with their children were living with Peter. He subsequently deeded his home to his daughter Elizabeth Suber.:

1 Male under 10 (?)
1 Male 10-16 (?)
1 Male 16-26 (?)
1 Male 26-45 (Solomon Suber?)
1 Male 45 or< (Peter Himself)
1 Female under 10 (Anna B Suber)
1 Female 16-26 (Elizabeth Suber)

In 1821 Peter Stockman, recognizing that age had a hold on him, avoided the process of making a will by preparing gift deeds to his children. No dower signature appears on these deeds indicating that Peter was a widower. In addition to the gift deed dated 19 Feb 1821, reported above in which Peter gave two slaves to his son George Stockman Peter also completed a gift deed to his daughter Elizabeth:
17 Feb 1821, Peter Stockman Sr. "Deed of gift to daughter Elizabeth Suber, wife of Solomon Suber two Negro boys, Jesse, 5 yrs old and Charles, 2 yrs old." Witnesses were John Riser and John Suber.

On the same date Peter sold land to his daughter Elizabeth:
17 Feb 1821 Peter Stockman Sr for $2500 paid by Elizabeth Suber, wife of Solomon Suber sells 217 acres on Crims Creek "where on I now live (after my dec)" being part of 3 tracts, 1. part of 175 acres original grant of Edward Billinger 4 Jul 1775. 2. part of 86 acres original grant to Abram Swedenberg, 5 or 25 Jun 1786 and 3. part of 17 acres original grant to said Peter Stockman, 2 Feb 1807. Adjacent tracts of land, John Caldwell, Abraham Harril, Henry Stockman, John Folk, and George Stockman. Witnesses John Riser and John Suber.

By 28 October 1822 Peter Stockman was deceased as is attested to by the deed made by his son George on that date and quoted above. The South Carolina Law Report for the years 1859-60 states that Peter Stockman died in the spring of 1822.

Information in this report is taken from records found in Notes on the Stockman Name by Abner Pierce Stockman, records found by Marjorie Fox in her researches in the Library of Congress, and information from other dedicated family researchers.-lts-